“How Old Would You Be . . . .”

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?” Satchel Paige (1906-1982) Here is a young Monarch butterfly dining on one of our older Cosmos blooms, the latter tattered by wind and rain, but still nourishing life. Each year reveals more wisdom and laugh lines. There is so much more joy and less stress in my life. I may resemble this … Continue reading “How Old Would You Be . . . .”

“Santa’s Gooey Butter Cake Race”

Santa held a contest to determine who would be Rudolph’s new trainer. The most recent fellow who held the job won the lottery and left lickety split for Tahiti.  The contestants for replacement trainer were required to participate in a footrace while carrying a 20-pound backpack full of warm gooey butter cakes, a St. Louis, Missouri, dessert favorite. The extra challenge was they could not … Continue reading “Santa’s Gooey Butter Cake Race”

“Iguana Get to Know You” by Renee Hughes

Visiting the facilities to at our dad’s house could involve an unexpected encounter with a sizable exotic reptile. His girlfriend’s pet iguana hustled to the bathroom whenever she let him loose from the cage Father constructed when the lizard outgrew his tank. Mingo rushed out the open door of the enclosure and skedaddled to his humans’ toilette to relieve himself. Martha ran a few inches … Continue reading “Iguana Get to Know You” by Renee Hughes

“Two Inches Down” by Renee Hughes

  Added years have delivered abundant blessings to me including an ample derriere. Nuts derail my dieting efforts—not the loony human kind of nuts, though they contribute to stress-induced overeating. Tree nuts are the real problem, in particular pistachios, pecans and cocoa almonds. Yes, there are trees in some heavenly locale producing almonds dusted with cocoa. My determination to drop poundage seven years ago started … Continue reading “Two Inches Down” by Renee Hughes