“Photocopying Body Parts” by Renee Hughes

One day I had to use the copier one floor up because our floor’s copier kept overheating. This condition may have been because I was making 20 copies of a 200-page manual. The key operator guy for the second copier was strange, scary, tall and brooding (sort of like Freddie Krueger) and very protective of his copier. As I sneaked to the copier, carrying my … Continue reading “Photocopying Body Parts” by Renee Hughes

“Death Lips” by Renee Hughes

My work function had to quickly find a way to track project costs to comply with new government regulations without causing any programming work (no time to write a business case, much less get it approved, and no budget anyway–you know the drill). So another manager and I arranged a meeting with a higher-level district manager who could give us permission to hijack an existing … Continue reading “Death Lips” by Renee Hughes