“Elevator Survival” by Renee Hughes

Life has a way of recycling. A few years ago I was relocated to our older building I had been hired into three decades before. How old? The site had been constructed in the 1930s. Much of the building was updated in the past fifteen years or so, including a new facade, though thankfully the magnificent and ornate lobby was not touched. Unfortunately, neither were … Continue reading “Elevator Survival” by Renee Hughes

“Lick Here” by Renee Hughes

Technology has its moments. Yesterday I worked feverishly on a release, tested it to the max and got everything to work perfectly with the aid of some awesome co-workers. I prepared the communication for the release, proofed it three times and only had issue with one letter that would not change font size no matter what I did to it. Since it was late Friday … Continue reading “Lick Here” by Renee Hughes