“Lick Here” by Renee Hughes

Technology has its moments. Yesterday I worked feverishly on a release, tested it to the max and got everything to work perfectly with the aid of some awesome co-workers. I prepared the communication for the release, proofed it three times and only had issue with one letter that would not change font size no matter what I did to it.

Since it was late Friday and I needed in the worst way not to have this on my plate for Monday morning, I sent the communication. Who would notice?

When I received my cc’d copy of the email, the letter I could not get to change was totally missing. So now instead of instructing clients to “Click” on a link in a window, I was advising them to “lick” on the link. If they were opening it on their iPad, I guess the tongue pressure might activate the link. Oh for one photo of somebody doing that.


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