“Testing – Need Bumper Car Drivers” by Renee Hughes

Testing, calling all employees to test the latest and greatest whatever. Raise your hand if testing is your thing. Hmmm, no hands up that I see.

If your boss and co-workers are understanding like mine are, you can volunteer for testing and enjoy it. I’ll admit I chickened out first and sent a note to my supervisor to inform him I had not lost all my marbles, and another note to the developer who asked for a tester of a survey he created so he would know I was just a gal wanting to have fun.

The survey asked if I encrypted stored sensitive data and I replied, “No.” When the survey then inquired as to why, I said, “because I’m silly.” I probably should have said “stupid.” To describe the data at rest, I responded, “they’re tired.”

The survey proceeded to ask what encryption method I used (“scissors”, of course) and about the process (“Cut, Paste and Attach,” which is what CPA (which I am professionally) also stands for). The questions continued to ask where I send the data (“Gilligan’s Island”) and how I identified the data (“closed my eyes and threw rubber darts”). As to who could view the info via the dashboards, I answered, “bumper car drivers.”

The survey then queried me about sensitive data being transferred and how it was identifed. I said, “eenie, meenie, minie, moe.” As to why the data is in transit, I replied, “it’s got places to go.” How did I keep the data from the falling into the wrong hands–that’s easy: “I used cotton candy to make it stick.” To the question about describing the user profiles, I answered, “carnies.” Where did I transfer it–“to Captain Kangaroo.”

Now who’s smiling and wants to do testing with me? Ahhh, I see a few hands up. Make work enjoyable and you’ll perform your duties better, faster and with less stress. Whose responsibility is it to make work fun? Yours.


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