“Apple Fangirl” by Renee Hughes

At home I type on a Mac. I have owned 4 iPhones. My family members nearly all have iPhones, iPads, iPods. At last count we had 16 of the devices at once. So when I saw an article about “Apple Fanboys” written by a female editor of Wired magazine, I thought I’d have some fun. So I tweeted her as to why not also have “Fangirls” in the title? She tweeted me back that she had thought about it, but the title would have been too long and a retweet likely would have exceeded the 140-character limit.

I replied in response that I considered myself an Apple fangirl with all the Apple gadgets we had, plus I had stuck an Apple sticker on my company-issued HP laptop and covered up the letters so from a distance the clunky thing looks like a Mac. Well, from a great distance, and assuming the observer is quite myopic.

The Wired magazine editor dismissed my claim to Apple fangirldom. “Stickers do not a fangirl make” was her retort. “Show me the ink!” Ink? Oh, she meant I needed to have an Apple tattoo to be a true fangirl. Well, uh, sorry there, but while I adore Apple products, I have yet to get a tattoo and I doubt if I ever did the first one would be an Apple logo. Some good came of our tweeting, however–I gained another couple dozen Twitter followers.


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