“Grazing Crazy O’s” by Renee Hughes

I hope you have a hearty laugh over my toddler son’s antics. Make sure your mouth is empty!

Laugh Until You Pee

This story appears in the anthology “Not Your Mother’s Book…On Being a Mom.”

Intent on listening to the speaker, I jerked in my seat when something warm and solid brushed up my calves. Curious, I searched the floor around my feet and saw small hands picking at my legs. Upon bending all the way over, I found a tyke sprawled out on the floor, attempting to remove the dots from my textured pantyhose.

I turned and pointed at the boy to alert his parents. His dad retrieved him from the floor. “Oops, sorry,” he apologized.

I wondered why parents were unable to control their kids. The answer to that question arrived a decade later after our son’s birth.

My son’s double overnight feedings exhausted me from the start. That should have been a clue Michael was going to be a hearty and frequent eater. Errands with him in tow required…

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