“Going Bananas!” by Renee Hughes

We are a banana family and love #Chiquita bananas. While my son and I like bananas when they are speckled, my hubby prefers the greener bananas, so I buy a mix of bunches.

Besides being sweeter in general at their various stages of ripeness, Chiquita bananas take a good while to get overripe and definitely do not rot from the inside like their chief competitor’s bananas do. The inner rotting of the other brand prevents my being able to make banana bread from the leftovers, so I toss them. This violates my “green” approach and deprives my guys of banana bread.

Understandably, when the Schnucks grocery chain recently switched from Chiquita to the competitor, we were not happy.  After not receiving a response from my commenting at the grocery store I frequent, I addressed Schnucks general management at their web site about my dismay. They responded via email to their credit:

From: consumer@schnucks.com

To: r.hughes@sbcglobal.net

May 19 at 11:49 AM
Dear Renee,

I hope to get positive action on this. I further tweeted our chagrin and Chiquita favorited my tweet! If you all prefer Chiquita bananas, please blog, tweet, etc., about switching back to Chiquita.

Going bananas,

Renee Hughes, Author

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