“Iced Tea with a Twist” by Renee Hughes

There is nothing like a hot cup of tea on a brisk February morning in St. Louis, Missouri. Fortunately, an event I attended last week had Earl Grey tea, one of my favorites, but there were no mugs, no hot water, no sauce pans, nothing with which to heat water. There were styrofoam cups, but I have melted a few of those in microwaves before. I had not planned on creating wet, withered, holey plastic sculptures.

I opened the cabinets and the refrigerator with no discovery of any water-boiling vessels. Then I delved into the freezer, the last place I expected to find anything useable. I eyed ice trays with cubes readily available should I desire to make iced tea. No thanks.

But wait, ice is just another form of water, and the ice trays appeared to be sturdy enough to go into the microwave other than the crack on the corner. Oh well, I popped out that cube and into the microwave went the remainder of the cubes. A minute and half later I had steaming water and a minute after that luscious hot tea. Mmmm!

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