“Ice Rigging with Duct Tape” by Renee Hughes

My heritage is that I know how to rig up almost anything, and usually duct tape, packing tape or bread ties are involved. A couple winters ago, my employer’s cost-cutting required lowering the setting of the locked thermostat more than ever. With the external temperature hovering between zero and ten above, even the south side of the floor I was on was so cold the ice I put in my uninsulated water cup at 8:30 a.m. would not melt until about 3 p.m. I threatened to move my chair next to the photocopy machine to stay warm; wearing my winter coat in my cubicle just was not doing the trick.

I really felt sorry, though, for the thin women sitting on either side of me. One of them had resorted to not only wearing her coat, scarf and gloves while seated at her desk, but also had a blanket over her shoulders and a heating pad on her lap. I was really concerned about her when I saw her white cuticles, ghostly complexion, and bluish lips.

So I grabbed a plastic sandwich bag, filled it with ice and used the handy packing tape (which I had bought myself BTW) to secure my creation to the thermostat. It was not long until toasty heat was pouring out of the vents. Mmmmmm! The heating pad gal actually got color back in her cheeks. Oh the irony–a bag of ice brings heat. Now that is creative rigging.


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