“No Shoes or Pants Required” by Renee Hughes

I finished two weeks of training on a position I likely will never perform. Why? We were required to be prepared to stand in for others should the need arise. Nothing helps you appreciate your regular job more than learning to do another that would push you to the ledge if only the windows would open. I usually can find humor in most work situations. I laughed a lot over those ten days.
I did have the fortunate opportunity to meet and learn about ten other fellow employees who are employed by the same company I am but are in different departments than I. Nearly all these individuals toil from home much of the time; one is a dedicated telecommuter. Not me. My department will not let me work from home. Well, if I had a serious contagious disease, or if there would be a blizzard, I could work from home. But thankfully I have been well and it has been a warm winter.
One of the women fussed about how annoying it was to have to wear shoes all day every day during the two weeks of class. She goes barefoot when she works at home apparently. The full-time telecommuter chuckled. He retorted he was not accustomed to wearing pants, much less shoes.

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