“Santa’s Gooey Butter Cake Race”

Santa held a contest to determine who would be Rudolph’s new trainer. The most recent fellow who held the job won the lottery and left lickety split for Tahiti. 

The contestants for replacement trainer were required to participate in a footrace while carrying a 20-pound backpack full of warm gooey butter cakes, a St. Louis, Missouri, dessert favorite. The extra challenge was they could not succumb to nibbling on the goodies. 

My publisher entered the race and made it to within 100 feet of the finish line when she tripped over fellow racer Jay Leno. He had knelt down on the roadway and plunged his head into his backpack, eating his way through the cakes to drown his sorrows after The Museum of Transportation in St. Louis refused to sell him their Chrysler Turbine car. (That very last tidbit is totally true!)

So my publisher broke her foot and could not finish the race. And Jay? He crossed over the finish line but was disqualified by the goo on his face and the missing cakes.

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