“Teaching Children to Pray”


A grandmother accompanied her 5-year old grandson into a kindergarten class I was teaching at church. She mentioned the challenge of teaching kids to understand prayer beyond “Now I lay me down to sleep” and the “Bless this food” prayers, which were essentially all about them.

I let her know I pray for every police car, firetruck and ambulance that race by me with lights blazing and horns blaring, frequently out loud. I told my young children I pray, and they can too, so that God assists the community helpers to get safely where they are going. We can also ask that He protects the people they are aiding to make sure they are safe and get well quickly if they are sick. The kids were able to see the flashing lights and hear the sirens and had a tangible way to relate to what God does for others.

The grandma was a writer and working on a parenting book on raising godly children. She asked for permission to include my example, which I gladly granted. After publication, the lady gave me a copy of the book and even mentioned me in it, neither of which I expected. The blessing was knowing I had shared a useful prayer lesson with her family’s matriarch, a lovely and talented woman of great influence.

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