“Iced Tea with a Twist” by Renee Hughes

There is nothing like a hot cup of tea on a brisk February morning in St. Louis, Missouri. Fortunately, an event I attended last week had Earl Grey tea, one of my favorites, but there were no mugs, no hot water, no sauce pans, nothing with which to heat water. There were styrofoam cups, but I have melted a few of those in microwaves before. … Continue reading “Iced Tea with a Twist” by Renee Hughes

“A Quarter for Your Thoughts” by Renee Hughes

Because I wanted to keep the quarter more than I desired to visit a premier St. Louis floral venue, I stayed on the school bus during a grade school trip with another girl who did not have the fee. Half a century later I entered the Jewel Box today in Forest Park. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely! Being but a 10-year old when my … Continue reading “A Quarter for Your Thoughts” by Renee Hughes

“Going Bananas!” by Renee Hughes

We are a banana family and love #Chiquita bananas. While my son and I like bananas when they are speckled, my hubby prefers the greener bananas, so I buy a mix of bunches. Besides being sweeter in general at their various stages of ripeness, Chiquita bananas take a good while to get overripe and definitely do not rot from the inside like their chief competitor’s bananas … Continue reading “Going Bananas!” by Renee Hughes

“Grazing Crazy O’s” by Renee Hughes

Originally posted on Laugh Until You Pee:
This story appears in the anthology “Not Your Mother’s Book…On Being a Mom.” Intent on listening to the speaker, I jerked in my seat when something warm and solid brushed up my calves. Curious, I searched the floor around my feet and saw small hands picking at my legs. Upon bending all the way over, I found a… Continue reading “Grazing Crazy O’s” by Renee Hughes

“Ode to the Woman Who Flipped Me the Bird Today” by Renee Hughes

Oh you who greeted me With upraised finger three As I passed your car mess I hope your day was blessed. I did not take your sign With insult or with whine. Smiling, to you I sent Wishes with good intent. You have a left arm, dear To turn on your blinker When changing lanes, my word, Not to flip me the bird. I honked … Continue reading “Ode to the Woman Who Flipped Me the Bird Today” by Renee Hughes

“Caffeine Fix” by Renee Hughes

I received an email invitation to an early morning meeting in which one of the other attendees was from out of town. When he finally arrived on the appointed day, he remarked he had not had any time to procure coffee at the hotel. Worse, he had just passed by our office coffee machine on the way into the meeting and there was no coffee available. He appeared … Continue reading “Caffeine Fix” by Renee Hughes